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What's New!


What's New

12/May/2005 Images of the flea, Tunga penetrans.
3/Jun/2004 Maggot Debridement Therapy.
7/Nov/2003 Bird Mite Fact Sheet revised & updated
7/Nov/2003 Tick Fact Sheet revised & updated
6/Nov/2003 Bed bug Fact Sheet revised & updated
6/May/2002 Tick photographs updated, with more added.
18/Jan/2002 New photographs of mosquito larvae.
24/Jan/2000 New links to mosquito related sites. 
12/Dec/1999 Over 60 photographs of the Mosquitoes of Australia.
12/Jun/1999 Fact sheet on Mosquito Management in Irrigated Wetlands.
11/Jun/1999 Fact sheet on Mosquito Management in Saline Wetlands.
11/Jun/1999 New email addresses for the Staff.
9/May/1999 Fact sheet on Myiasis Flies.
22/Nov/1998 Finally...a nice short URL for our site: <>.
20/Sep/1998 Details of a new tick project under Stephen L. Doggett's page.
2/Sep/1998 Publications and Richard C. Russell's page updated.


Photographs of mosquito eating (larvivorous) fish.
16/Aug/1998 Photograph pages updated for easier access by search engines.
13/Aug/1998 This page!
13/Aug/1998 New Entomophobia, Illusionary/Delusionary Parasitosis 'Fact Sheet'.
8/Aug/1998 Japanese Encephalitis 'Fact Sheet', expanded & updated.

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