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For more information on midges, see "Biting Midge Fact Sheet"

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Biting Midge

Biting midge

The biting midge (or sandfly), Culicoides spp., common nuisance pest around mangrove environments.

Biting Midge Habitat

Biting midge breeding grounds

Mangroves at Careel Bay, NSW; ideal breeding grounds for the biting midge, Culicoides.

Green Tree Ant - before

Green tree ant nest before disturbance

Green tree ant nest. This is a common ant in the tropics and when the nest is disturbed, the ants emergence to attack in large numbers. People who brush the nests often receive numerous bites.

Green Tree Ant - after

Green tree ant after disturbance

Fortunately, while the bites are momentarily painful, no venom is injected and once the ant is removed, no after effects remain.

Bull Ant

Bull ant

The formidable mandibles of the Bull ant, Myrmecia spp., however the bite isn’t worse than the sting (which is at the other end).

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