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Fleas Lice Midges
Mites Mosquitoes Scorpions
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Ants!Ants Bedbugs! Bed bugs Sandflies! Midges

Scorpions! Scorpions

Green Tree Ant Bed bug Biting Midge Marble Scorpion
Bull Ant Bed bug Egg Midge Habitat Brown Scorpion


Caterpillars! Caterpillars Fleas! Fleas Tick, tick, tick! Ticks
Cup Moth Human Flea Paralysis Tick
Cup Moth Welts Cat Flea Male Ixodes ticks
Caterpillar Itch Live Cat Flea Tick mouthparts
Urticating Hairs Cat Flea Larva Ticks on eyelid
Bag Moth Rat Flea Adult Paralysis Tick
Tussock Moth  Tunga (Jigger Flea) Tick Bite Reaction
    Tick Typhus Eschar


Lice! Lice Spiders! Spiders Birdmites! Mites
Head Lice The Sydney Funnel web Scabies Mites
Head Lice Nit Redback Spider Male Scabies Mite
Pubic Lice Mouse Spider Live Scabies Mite
  White-tailed Spider Bird Mite
    Chigger Mite

Mossies! (more below)  Mosquitoes

Common Mosquitoes of Southeastern Australia

Around the home Along the coast Inland regions
Aedes aegypti* Aedes alternans Aedes alternans
Aedes notoscriptus Aedes camptorhynchus Aedes theobaldi
Culex molestus Aedes vigilax Aedes vittiger
Culex quinquefasciatus Anopheles annulipes Anopheles annulipes
Coquillettidia linealis Culex annulirostris
Mansonia uniformis Culex australicus

*(not in SE Australia, but included since Ae. aegypti is an important vector elsewhere).

Mossies! Other Mosquito Photographs

Mosquitoes of Australia
Blood fed mosquitoes
Male and Female Culex annulirostris
Larval Mosquitoes
Mosquito breeding sites
Mosquito eating (larvivorous) fish

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