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Caterpillar Photos
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For more information on caterpillars, see "Caterpillar Fact Sheet"

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Cup Moth

Cup moth

Closeup of a Cup moth, the stinging hairs are at the top and raised when the moth is threatened.

Cup Moth Welts

Welts from Cup moths

The welts on this arm are caused by the stinging hairs from the Cup moth (family Limacodidae).

Caterpillar Itch


Caterpillar itch resulting from carrying wood covered in urticating hairs.

Urticating Hairs

Urticating hairs

A finger full of urticating hairs from the Bag shelter moth, Teara contraria.

Bag Moth

Bag moth

The shelter of the Bag moth (Teara spp.), this species is well known for causing "caterpillar itch".

Tussock Moth

Tussock moth

A Tussock moth from the family Lymantriidae, capable of causing "caterpillar itch".

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