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<> (Information on Ixodes holocyclus, largely from a veterinary aspect).

<> (Very detailed site dedicated to the Australian paralysis tick, Ixodes holocyclus).

<> (Information from America for ticks, Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Human Babesiosis).

<> (Lyme disease from Europe, tick biology, control and images).

<> (Lyme disease network from America).

<> (A very complete list of sites relating to Medical Entomology, not just ticks).


<> (University of South Australia mosquito research group).

<> (Comprehensive list of mosquito related sites from the United States).

<> (A review of mosquito seeking behaviour).

<> (Mosquito Genomics server).

<> (American mosquito control association).

<> (Links to mosquito sites in America).

<> (Marc Klowden's web page from the University of Idaho).

<> (A very complete list of sites relating to Medical Entomology, not just mosquitoes).

<> (John A. Mulrennan, Sr. Arthropod Research Laboratory homepage).

<> (Florida Mosquito Control Associatio). 

<> (Panhandle Mosquito Control District, Florida). 


<> (Extensive review on headlice and its treatment from Richard Pollack, Harvard University).

<> (The American National Pediculosis Association, headlice information).

<> (School IPM WWW site; details methods of pest management relevant to schools with an excellent presentation on headlice in Powerpoint format).


<> (The Arachnology Home Page).

<> (The Queensland Museum Spider Page).

<> (The Museum of Victoria Spider Page).

<> (Computer generated animated spiders).

Other Entomology

<> (Centre for Entomological Research and Insecticide Technology, University of New South Wales).

<> (Home page for CSIRO Division of Entomology in Australia).

<> (The Australian Entomological Supplies, a supplier of a wide range of entomology related products).

<> (United States Navy Medical Entomology home page). (A Medical Entomology Forum page operated by LCDR Stanton E. Cope from the United States Navy).

<> (Home page for Delusionary Parasitosis).

<> (Insect vectors of disease; comprehensive list of medical entomology links).

<> (Catalog of the Diptera of the Australasian and Oceania Regions).

<> (Comprehensive catalog of insect collections worldwide).

<> (Australian Entomological Society).

<> (Information sources for entomology).

<> (University of Queensland, Department of Medical Entomology).

<> (Department of Agriculture, Western Australia).

<> (Digest of Cultural Entomology).

<> (The Pest Management Resource Centre).

<> (Forensic Entomology Home Page).

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