NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program
Virus Isolates for 2006/2007

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Isolates - Summary

Location Date Virus Number
Lake Macquarie 16/May/2007 Barmah Forest 1
Port Stephens 17/Apr/2007 Ross River 2
Port Stephens 3/Apr/2007 Ross River 2
Gosford 23/Mar/07 Edge Hill 1
Port Stephens 27/Feb/07 Ross River 1
Leeton 14/Feb/07 Kunjin 1




Isolates - Full details

Isolate No. LOCATION - Site Date
Mosquito Species Virus
86357 LAKE MACQUARIE - Dora Creek 16/May/2007 Aedes procax Barmah Forest
85949 PORT STEPHENS - Heatherbrae 17/Apr/2007 Aedes flavifrons Ross River
85685 PORT STEPHENS - Medowie 17/Apr/2007 Aedes vigilax Ross River
85320 PORT STEPHENS - Heatherbrae 3/Apr/2007 Culex annulirostris Ross River
85312 PORT STEPHENS - Heatherbrae 3/Apr/2007 Aedes vigilax Ross River
84833 GOSFORD - Killcare 23/Mar/07 Aedes vigilax Edge Hill
83864 PORT STEPHENS - Heatherbrae 27/Feb/07 Aedes procax Ross River
144796 LEETON - Farm 347 14/Feb/07 Culex annulirostris Kunjin

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