NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program
Port Macquarie 2004-2005
Mosquito/Virus Results

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Note that for mosquito numbers 0 - 50 mosquitoes = "Low", 51 - 100 = "Medium",
101 - 1,000 = "High", 1,001 - 10,000 = "Very High", >10,000 = "Extreme".

21/Jun/2005: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

16/June/2005: A 'medium' collection of 77 mosquitoes were made from Wauchope and included 71 Culex australicus. All other sites trapped 'low' numbers.

7/Jun/2005: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

1/Jun/2005: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

24/May/2005: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

17/May/2005: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

10/May/2005: Lord Street trapped 'low' numbers. Partridge Creek collected 'medium' numbers (52), with 10 Verrallina funerea. Wauchope trapped 'low' numbers.

3/May/2005: Lord Street trapped 'low' numbers. Partridge Creek again collected 'high' numbers (196), with 49 Verrallina funerea. The new site at Wauchope trapped 'low' numbers.

28/Apr/2005: Mosquito numbers were again 'medium' from Lord Street, with a collection of 54, including 27 Culex sitiens. Partridge Creek trapped 'high' numbers (204), with 68 Verrallina funerea

26/Apr/2005: There were one isolate of Ross River virus made from the collection trapped 19/Apr/2005. This isolated from was Ochlerotatus vigilax trapped at the Lord Street site. 

19/Apr/2005: The first collection of the season yielded 'medium' numbers from Lord Street with a total of 89 mosquitoes, dominated by 54 Culex sitiens. Partridge Creek trapped 'high' numbers (100), with 54 Culex sitiens.

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