NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program
Baulkham Hills 2004-2005
Mosquito/Virus Results

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Note that for mosquito numbers 0 - 50 mosquitoes = "Low", 51 - 100 = "Medium",
101 - 1,000 = "High", 1,001 - 10,000 = "Very High", >10,000 = "Extreme".

19/Apr/2005: Numbers continue to decline. Cliftonville trapped 'medium' numbers (51), with 46 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus. Leetsvale yielded 'low' numbers.

13/Apr/2005: Leetsvale produced a 'high' collection of 114 mosquitoes, with 60 Culex annulirostris. Cliftonville trapped 'low' numbers.

8/Apr/2005: Ferndale trapped the only 'medium' collection (76), with 20 Culex annulirostris. The other site trapped 'low' numbers.

1/Apr/2005: Only Cliftonville had a collection that was 'medium', with a total fo 73 mosquitoes, dominated by 38 Culex annulirostris. The other sites trapped 'low' numbers.

16/Mar/2005: 'High' mosquito numbers were again collected from all sites. Ferndale collected 277, with 163 Culex annulirostris. Cliftonville trapped 397, with 125 Culex annulirostris. Leetsvale yielded 367, with 181 Culex annulirostris.

9/Mar/2005: 'High' mosquito numbers continue from all sites. Ferndale collected 160, with 93 Culex annulirostris. Cliftonville trapped 263, with 133 Culex annulirostris. Leetsvale yielded 303, with 120 Culex annulirostris.

17/Feb/2005: All sites again trapped 'high' mosquito numbers. Ferndale collected 189, with 155 Culex annulirostris. Cliftonville trapped 116, with 52Coquillettidia linealis. Leetsvale yielded 134, with 75 Coquillettidia linealis.

8/Feb/2005: Cliftonville continued with the 'high' mosquito numbers, with a total of 509, including 242 Coquillettidia linealis and 219 Culex annulirostris. Leetsvale yielded 'medium' numbers (85), with 25 Coquillettidia linealis.

2/Feb/2005: Cliftonville again had a 'high' collection of 376, with Culex annulirostris (177). Ferndale trapped 'low' numbers.

25/Jan/2005: Mosquito numbers were again down this week. Leetsvale trapped 'medium' numbers (81), dominated by 28 Coquillettidia linealis. Both other sites trapped 'low' numbers.

19/Jan/2005: Mosquito numbers were down this week and only Cliftonville collected numbers higher than 'low'. This site produced a 'high' collection of 153 mosquitoes, with 93 Culex annulirostris.

12/Jan/2005: Ferndale again yielded 'high' numbers (131), with 104 Culex annulirostris. Cliftonville also had a 'high' collection, albeit with a much greater total of 553 mosquitoes, including 281 Culex annulirostris. Leetsvale trapped 'medium' numbers (83), including 36 Culex annulirostris.

5/Jan/2005: All sites trapped 'high' numbers. Ferndale collected 375 mosquitoes, including 311 Culex annulirostris. Cliftonville yielded 564, with 471 Culex annulirostris. Leetsvale trapped 204, including 110 Culex annulirostris.

22/Dec/2004: Numbers were similar to last week, with another 'high' collection of 311 from Cliftonville inlcuding 103 Culex annulirostris. Ferndale continues with the 'medium' numbers (82), with 55 Culex annulirostris. The new site of Leetsvale trapped 'low' numbers.

15/Dec/2004: Mosquito numbers were even greater this week, with a 'high' collection of 465 from Cliftonville, which was again dominated by Culex annulirostris (230). Ferndale had a 'medium' collection (50), with 34 Culex annulirostris.

8/Dec/2004: The first collection from the Baulkham Hills shire yielded a diverse mosquito fauna, dominated by the noted vector, Culex annulirostris. Both sites trapped 'high' numbers; Ferndale trapped 141 mosquitoes , with 108 Culex annulirostris, while Cliftonville yielded 128, with 40 Culex annulirostris.

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