NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program
Port Stephens 2000-2001
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Note that for mosquito numbers 0 - 50 mosquitoes = "Low", 51 - 100 = "Medium",
101 - 1,000 = "High", 1,001 - 10,000 = "Very High", >10,000 = "Extreme".

25/4/2001: Numbers have declined dramatically and were 'low' from all but Heatherbrae, which had 'medium' (97) numbers with 84 Culex australicus.

18/4/2001: Gan Gan had a 'medium' collection of 84 mosquitoes, with 42 Coquillettidia variegata. Saltash had the highest number this week, with a 'high' collection of 603 and 298 were Culex annulirostris. Medowie yielded 'medium' numbers (52), with 25 Culex annulirostris. Karuah also collected 'medium' (69) numbers, with 39 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae yielded a 'high' collection (155), with 68 Culex annulirostris.

10/4/2001: Numbers are down upon the previous week but still 'high' from all sites. Gan Gan trapped 165 mosquitoes, with 44 Coquillettidia linealis. Saltash yielded 169, with 78 Aedes vigilax. Medowie collected 148, with 77 Aedes procax. Karuah trapped 182 mosquitoes, with 117 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae trapped 921, with 402 Culex annulirostris.

3/4/2001: Numbers continue to be up and most collections are still 'high'. Saltash had 'very high' numbers (2339), with 1237 Aedes vigilax. Gan Gan trapped 574 mosquitoes, with 116 Aedes vigilax. Medowie yielded 761, with 314 Aedes vigilax. Karuah trapped 103, with 64 Aedes vigilax. A 'very high' collection of 3724 mosquitoes was made from Heatherbrae, with 2355 Culex annulirostris.

27/3/2001: Numbers are even higher this week, with at least 'high' numbers from all sites. Gan Gan had a 'high' collection of 865 mosquitoes, with 357 Aedes vigilax. Saltash collected 'very high' mosquito numbers (2657), with 1015 Aedes vigilax. Medowie trapped 'high' numbers (335), with 204 Aedes procax. Karuah yielded 'high' numbers (155), with 99 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae had 'very high' mosquito numbers (1642), with 1007 Culex annulirostris.

20/3/2001: Big numbers continue with 'high' collections from most sites. Gan Gan yielded 155 mosquitoes, with 44 Aedes vigilax. Saltash trapped 568, with 315 Aedes vigilax. Medowie trapped 140, with 70 Aedes vigilax. Karuah had 'low' numbers. Heatherbrae had a 'very high' mosquito collection of 1003, with 629 Culex annulirostris.

13/3/2001: Numbers are again up and overall well above average. Gan Gan trapped 330 mosquitoes ('high' numbers), with 59 Aedes vigilax. Saltash also had a 'high' collection (708), with 300 Aedes vigilax. Medowie yielded 'low' numbers. Karuah trapped a 'high' collection (137), with 89 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae yielded 'very high' (1023) mosquito numbers and the majority (520) were Culex annulirostris.

6/3/2001: Overall numbers are slightly down upon the previous week but still 'high' from most sites. Gan Gan trapped 277 mosquitoes, with 79 Aedes vigilax. Saltash collected 197, with 178 Aedes vigilax. Medowie yielded 'low' numbers. Karuah had a 'medium' collection of 77 mosquitoes, with 61 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae continues to trapped the most mosquitoes, with a 'high' collection of 547 and, of these, 155 were Culex annulirostris, 155 were Coquillettidia linealis and 135 Aedes vigilax.

27/2/2001: Collections continue to be well above average and are even higher than last weeks collections with at least 'high' numbers from all sites. Gan Gan trapped 700 mosquitoes, with 405 Aedes vigilax. Saltash yielded 730, with 648 Aedes vigilax. Medowie collected 112 mosquitoes, with 93 Aedes vigilax. Karuah trapped 126 and most (124) were Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae had a 'very high' collection (3657), with 1702 Aedes vigilax and 893 Culex annulirostris.

20/2/2001: Overall numbers are well above average, with a large proportion of Aedes vigilax at most sites. 'High' numbers (535) were trapped from Gan Gan, with 368 Aedes vigilax. 'Low' collections occured at Saltash. Medowie trapped 102 mosquitoes ('high' numbers), with 96 Aedes vigilax. A 'high' collection (492) was recorded from Karuah, with 424 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae trapped 'very high' numbers (1101), with 840 Aedes vigilax.

13/2/2001: Numbers are down this week, with 'low' collections from Saltash and Medowie. 'High' numbers were trapped from the other sites. Gan Gan collected 111 mosquitoes, with 74 Aedes vigilax. Karauh collected 642, with 629 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae yeilded 370 mosquitoes, with 227 Aedes vigilax.

6/2/2001: Numbers are well above average and 'high' collections were recorded from all sites. Saltash collected 225 mosquitoes and all were Aedes vigilax. Karuah collected 234, with 229 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae trapped 513 mosquitoes, with 213 Aedes vigilax.

30/1/2001: Numbers were down upon the previous week but still dominated by Aedes vigilax. Gan Gan had a 'high' collection (104), with 88 Aedes vigilax. Saltash also trapped 'high' numbers (697), with 695 Aedes vigilax. Karuah yielded a 'high' collection (581), with 577 Aedes vigilax. No traps were set at Medowie and Heatherbrae.

23/1/2001: Numbers were well up this week, particularly for Aedes vigilax and were generally above average. Gan Gan trapped 'high' numbers (122), with 100 Aedes vigilax. A 'very high' collection (1269) was made at Saltash, with 1265 Aedes vigilax. Medowie yielded a 'high' collection (454), with 428 Aedes vigilax. Karuah had 'very high' numbers (1337), with 1329 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae collected 'low' numbers.

15/1/2001: Mosquito populations were below average this week, following the hot, dry weather. Numbers were 'low' from Saltash and Medowie. Gan Gan trapped 'medium' numbers (51), with 27 Aedes vigilax. A 'high' collection (248) was made from Karuah, with 242 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae trapped 'high' numbers (221), with 91 Culex annulirostris.

8/1/2001: Numbers are mostly above average and there has been a notable rise in Aedes vigilax numbers. Gan Gan collected 247 mosquitoes ('high' numbers), with 161 Aedes vigilax. Numbers were 'low' from Saltash. Medowie had a 'high' collection (148) with 133 Aedes vigilax. Karuah collected 'high' numbers (236), with 226 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae trapped 'high' (516) numbers, with 216 Aedes vigilax.

11/12/2000: Overall numbers about the same as the previous week. Gan Gan trapped 141 mosquitoes, with 80 Coquillettidia linealis. Saltash continued with the 'high' (395) collections, with 240 Aedes vigilax. Medowie numbers are now 'medium' (56), with 40 Coquillettidia linealis. Likewise, Karuah now had 'high' (59) numbers, although most (53) were Culex molestus. Heatherbrae had the highest collection so far for the season with 'very high' (1757) numbers and Coquillettidia linealis (1488) dominated the collection.

4/12/2000: Numbers are up at both Gan Gan & Saltash but down at Heatherbrae. Gan Gan had 'high' (178) numbers with 57 Coquillettidia linealis. Saltash also had a 'high' (822) collection, with a notable increase in Aedes vigilax (612). Medowie and Karuah continue with 'low' numbers. Heatherbrae had a 'high' (632) collection this week, with 346 Coquillettidia linealis.

27/11/2000: Numbers were similar, although generally slighltly higher, to last week. Gan Gan had a 'high' (101) collection, with 39 Coquillettidia linealis. Saltash continues with 'high' (288) numbers, with Coquillettidia linealis (189) also dominating. Medowie and Karuah numbers were 'low'. The only site to have a framatic increase in numbers was Heatherbrae, with a 'very high' (1348) trap collection. Coquillettidia linealis (1155) also dominated the species. 

20/11/2000: Mosquito numbers were mostly above average, particularly the collection from Heatherbrae. Gan Gan had 'high' (122) numbers, with 83 Coquillettidia linealis. Saltash also had a 'high' (248) collection, with 185 Coquillettidia linealis. Numbers were 'low' from both Medowie and Karauh. Heatherbrae had the highest numbers with 898 mosquitoes and Coquillettidia linealis was again the most dominant species.

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