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Mosquito Control Photos
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Biological Control (Larvivorous Fish)

Hypseliotris compressa

The Empire Gudgeon, Hypseliotris compressa. A native fish, found in freshwater to brackish esturaries in the coastal drainage systems of the northern 2/3 of Australia. Approx. 9-10cm in length.

Pseudomugil signifer

The Pacific Blue-Eye, Pseudomugil signifer. Native to the east coast of Australia and found in fast flowing streams and brackish esturaries from Cooktown in Qld to southern NSW. Approx. 2-2.5 cm in length.

Gambusia holbrooki

The mosquito fish, Gambusia holbrooki. This imported species has become a major pest in waterways in most eastern states of Australia and is also found in parts of NT and WA. It inhabits both inland and coastal basins as well as brackish waters. Approx. 2-2.5 cm in length.

Biological Control (Parasites)

Microsporidia infected larvae

A variety of parasites have been proposed for the biological control of mosquitoes. This Aedes camptorhynchus larvae is infected with a protozoan called Microsporidia which kills mosquitoes in the larval stage. Larvae with the patent stage, typically show a diffuse colouration throughout the body (note this larvae also has an orange algal growth).

Microsporidia infected larvae

This is another larval Aedes camptorhynchus infected with microsporidia. Note the white appearance and the swelling of the abdominal segments. Compare this with living Aedes camptorhynchus larvae.

Culex sitiens infected with microsporida

A Culex sitiens larvae infected with the microsporidia Amblyospora indicola. The white swelling caused by the parasite can be observed in the abdominal segments, which will kill the larvae. Note also that siphon is highly deformed.



A wide variety of commercial repellents are available which will repel mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies and even leeches. Make sure that the product contains DEET at a concentration less than, but close to 20%.


Habitat Modification


A 'runnel' on a saltmarsh. These have two effects; they allow water to drain from trap pools and permit predatory fish to gain access to the mosquito larvae.


Chemical Control

Insecticides Various insecticide formulations, clockwise from the top: Methoprene briquet, Temephos impregnated sand granules, Bti impregnated corn husks.
Backpack spraying Spraying small areas can be acbieved with a backpack spraying unit.
Helicopter spraying Aerial application of insecticide spray via helicopter.
Helicopter spraying with bucket Another form of aerial insecticide application via helicopter.
Argo An Argo, eight-wheeled all terrain vehicle. These are useful for transporting insecticides, equipment and crew, over soft grounds such as saltmarshes.

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