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New Mosquito Names

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Following a recent taxonomic revision of the genus Aedes and its subgenera, several subgenera have been raised to generic rank. The old and new names are listed below.
Click on the old name to obtain more information about that species.

Old Name

New Name

Aedes aculeatus

Ochlerotatus aculeatus

Aedes alboannulatus

Ochlerotatus alboannulatus

Aedes alternans

Ochlerotatus alternans

Aedes australis

Ochlerotatus australis

Aedes bancroftianus

Ochlerotatus bancroftianus

Aedes biocellatus

Ochlerotatus biocellatus

Aedes burpengaryensis

Ochlerotatus burpengaryensis

Aedes camptorhynchus

Ochlerotatus camptorhynchus

Aedes dobrotworskyi

Ochlerotatus dobrotworskyi

Aedes eidsvoldensis

Ochlerotatus eidsvoldensis

Aedes flavifrons

Ochlerotatus flavifrons

Aedes funereus

Verrallina funerea

Aedes gahnicola

Ochlerotatus gahnicola

Aedes imperfectus

Ochlerotatus imperfectus

Aedes kochi

Ochlerotatus kochi

Aedes mallochi

Ochlerotatus mallochi

Aedes monocellatus

Ochlerotatus monocellatus

Aedes multiplex

Ochlerotatus multiplex

Aedes normanensis

Ochlerotatus normanensis

Aedes notoscriptus

Ochlerotatus notoscriptus

Aedes palmarum

Ochlerotatus palmarum

Aedes procax

Ochlerotatus procax

Aedes pseudonormanensis

Ochlerotatus pseudonormanensis

Aedes rubrithorax

Ochlerotatus rubrithorax

Aedes rupestris

Ochlerotatus rupestris

Aedes sagax

Ochlerotatus sagax

Aedes sapiens

Ochlerotatus sapiens

Aedes theobaldi

Ochlerotatus theobaldi

Aedes tremulus

Ochlerotatus tremulus

Aedes vigilax

Ochlerotatus vigilax

Aedes vittiger

Ochlerotatus vittiger

Aedes wattensis

Ochlerotatus wattensis

Aedes Marks no. 51

Ochlerotatus Marks no. 51

Aedes Marks no. 52

Verrallina Marks no. 52

Aedes Marks no. 71

Ochlerotatus Marks no. 71

Aedes Marks no. 85

Ochlerotatus Marks no. 85

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