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The Common Mosquitoes of Southeastern Australia
(each of these mosquitoes have their own Information Sheet)

Around the home Along the coast Inland regions
Aedes aegypti* Anopheles annulipes Anopheles annulipes
Culex molestus Coquillettidia linealis Culex annulirostris
Culex quinquefasciatus Mansonia uniformis Culex australicus
Ochlerotatus notoscriptus Ochlerotatus alternans Ochlerotatus alternans
Ochlerotatus camptorhynchus Ochlerotatus theobaldi
Ochlerotatus vigilax Ochlerotatus vittiger

*(not in SE Australia, but included since Ae. aegypti is an important vector elsewhere).


Mosquito Sounds

This is a short 3.6 second sound clip of mosquitoes. This is a WAV file of around 155kb and may take 1-2 minutes to download. Click here to listen to mosquitoes!

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