University Department of Medical Entomology Medical
Dr. Cameron Webb

PhD (University of Sydney)
BSc. Hons. (Macquarie University)


Hospital Scientist (Westmead Hospital)
Clinical Lecturer (University of Sydney)

Phone: + 61 2 9845 7548
Current Projects:

i. Risk assessment and management of mosquito populations and mosquito-borne disease associated with constructed and rehabilitated wetlands in coastal and inland NSW.

ii. Investigations into novel mosquito repellents and assessment of commercial repellent formulations for communication in personal protection strategy for the prevention of mosquito-borne disease

ii. Investigations into the ecological role of mosquitoes in coastal wetland ecosystems


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Current projects and services provided

Cameron is currently working on a range of projects designed to assess the change in pest and vector mosquito populations associated with constructed and rehabilitated estuarine and freshwater wetlands in coastal NSW. In conjunction with local authorities, Cameron has undertaken mosquito risk assessments of constructed and rehabilitated wetlands as well as proposed residential and recreational developments in coastal regions. These services (including Mosquito Risk Assessments, the development of Mosquito Management Strategies and/or Mosquito Monitoring Programs) are offered by the Department of Medical Entomology on a consultancy basis, please contact Cameron for more details.

Through the University of Sydney, and in conjunction with Prof. Richard Russell, Cameron can provide supervision for postrgraduate research. Of particular interest is the role of mosquitoes in wetland ecosystems, pest and vector mosquitoes associated urban water management strategies, assessing public health risks associated with urban development in coastal NSW and emerging mosquito and mosquito-borne disease risks associated with predicted climate change.

Cameron has a keen interest in mosquito repellent technologies as well as the communication of effective personal protection strategies to minimise mosquito-borne disease. In 2011, Cameron compiled some guidelines for mosquito repellent use that can be downloaded for free here.

Cameron has extensive teaching experience at both undergraduate and post graduate levels as well as regularly giving talks to community and professional groups.


After completing my BSc (Hons) at Macquarie University, I was awarded a research scholarship with the Department of Medical Entomology & University of Sydney to investigate the ecology of pest mosquito populations associated with the estuarine wetlands of Homebush Bay. These investigations were undertaken with a view to assisting the then Olympic Co-Ordination Authority (now Sydney Olympic Park Authority) to better manage the pest mosquitoes.

The findings of my PhD formed the basis of the mosquito treatment and monitoring program at Sydney Olympic Park established in 1998 and has resulted in the successful reduction of mosquito populations during the summer months. Continuing the long association with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, I have given lectures at and co-ordinated workshops as part of their Wetlands Education and Training Program, a program that attracts attendees from local, state and federal agencies, as well as the private sector, to better understand the complexities of wetland management.

In 2002, I was employed as a Hospital Scientist with Western Sydney Area Health Service (now Sydney West Area Health Service) to provide professional advice on a consultancy basis with local, state and federal governments, wetland management authorities, engineers, developers and private industry regarding mosquito management and control. In this position, I have undertaken Mosquito Risk Assessments for wetland and residential developments, laboratory assessments of mosquito repellents, field based trials of new mosquito trapping technologies, continue research into better mosquito management strategies in natural and constructed wetlands and provided expert entomological advice to a wide cross-section of the community.

In 2005, I was commissioned to develop a mosquito management plan by NSW Premier's Department for the Hunter and Mid North coast region of NSW. The plan was developed in conjunction with five local councils, state and federal government agencies and was official endorsed by all relevant organisations in 2006 with the formation of the "Living With Mosquitoes" focus group. The plan has subsequently been adopted by a group of local and state authorities for the Central Coast region. On the basis of my experience with these management strategies, I was engaged by Byron Shire Council in 2011 to develop a comprehensive mosquito management plan for their local area to guide mosquito management, urban development and community education programs.

I have been called upon to co-ordinate and assist workshops and training courses on various aspects of mosquito and mosquito-borne disease management including courses conducted by NSW Health, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS), Environmental Health Australia and the Mosquito Control Association.

In 2007, I was appointed as a Clinical Lecturer with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney. In this position I have given lectures in a range of courses and supervised undergraduate and postgraduate research students including collaborative projects with the University of Western Sydney and the Australian Catholic University. This position was renewed for a further three years in June 2010.



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A full list of technical reports is available on request.


Junior Investigator award winner 1997 (Westmead Hospital)

Hospital Week Research Presentation award winner 1997 (Westmead Hospital)

Junior Investigator award winner 1998 (Westmead Hospital)

Centre for Infectious Disease and Microbiology travel award winner 2001 (Westmead Hospital)

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