NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program
Port Macquarie 2005-2006
Mosquito/Virus Results

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Note that for mosquito numbers 0 - 50 mosquitoes = "Low", 51 - 100 = "Medium",
101 - 1,000 = "High", 1,001 - 10,000 = "Very High", >10,000 = "Extreme".

23/May/2006: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

16/May/2006: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

9/May/2006: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

2/May/2006: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

19/Apr/2006: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

12/Apr/2006: All sites trapped 'low' numbers.

5/Apr/2006: A collection from North Shore yielded 'high' numbers (167), with 41 Ochlerotatus vigilax.

28/Mar/2006: Partridge Creek trapped 'high' numbers (116), with 57 Mansonia uniformis. The other sites trapped 'low' numbers.

21/Mar/2006: Partridge Creek trapped 'high' numbers (644), with 237 Mansonia uniformis. Wauchope collected 'medium' numbers (89), with 38 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus. The North Shore trap collected 'low' numbers.

14/Mar/2006: Lord Street trapped 'low' numbers. Partridge Creek trapped 'high' numbers (368), with 231 Verrallina funerea. Wauchope had 'medium' numbers (70), with 22 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus. The extra site of North Shore produced another 'medium' catch of 55, with 19 Culex sitiens.

8/Mar/2006: An extra trap from the North Shore of Port Macquarie revealed 'medium' numbers (71), including 34 Ochlerotatus vigilax.

7/Mar/2006: Mosquito numbers were down this week. Lord Street trapped 'low' numbers. Partridge Creek had a 'medium' collection of 80, with 44 Mansonia uniformis. Wauchope collected 'medium' numbers (69), with 32 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus.

7/Mar/2006: There was one Barmah Forest virus isolate from Culex annulirostris trapped 28/Feb from Partridge Creek.

3/Mar/2006: There was one Ross River virus isolate from Verrallina funerea trapped 21/Feb from Partridge Creek.

28/Feb/2006: Lord Street trapped 'medium' numbers (70), with 53 Coquillettidia linealis. Partridge Creek had 'high' numbers 709, including 412 Mansonia uniformis. Wauchope collected 'medium' numbers (68), with 31 Culex annulirostris.

21/Feb/2006: Partridge Creek continued withe 'high' mosquito numbers, trapping 292, including 192 Mansonia uniformis. Wauchope collected 'medium' numbers (55), with 23 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus. Mosquito numbers were 'low' at Lord Street.

13/Feb/2006: Mosquito numbers are up this week. Lord Street trapped 190 mosquitoes ('high') numbers with 163 Coquillettidia linealis. Partridge Creek also had a 'high' catch of 290, including 109 Coquillettidia linealis. Wauchope collected 'medium' numbers (57), with 52 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus.

7/Feb/2006: Lord Street continues with the 'high' collections, trapping 314 mosquitoes, with 273 Coquillettidia linealis. Partridge Creek yielded 'medium' numbers (88), including 19 Culex sitiens. Wauchope also had 'medium' numbers (69), with 46 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus.

23/Jan/2006: A 'high' collection of 140 mosquitoes was trapped at Lord Street, with 51 Ochlerotatus vigilax. Partridge Creek produced a 'medium' collection of 68, with 16 Ochlerotatus alternans. Wauchope trapped 'high' numbers (149), with 79 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus.

17/Jan/2006: Mosquito numbers were up this week with 'high' numbers from Lord Street and 'medium' collections from the other sites. Lord Street trapped 188 mosquitoes, with 153 Coquillettidia linealis. Partridge Creek collected 87, with 44 Verrallina funerea. Wauchope trapped 64 ('medium'), with 31 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus.

10/Jan/2006: Lord Street trapped 'medium' numbers (91), with 39 Coquillettidia linealis. Partridge Creek & Wauchope had 'low' collections.

20/Dec/2005: Wauchope trapped 'high' numbers (102), dominated by 61 Culex quinquefasciatus. Partridge Creek produced 'low' numbers.

13/Dec/2005: Lord Street numbers rose and produced a 'high' collection of 205 mosquitoes, including 176 Coquillettidia linealis. Partridge Creek produced a nil catch. Wauchope collected 'medium' numbers (87), with 39 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus.

6/Dec/2005: Wauchope collected 'high' mosquito numbers (108), including 40 Culex australicus. Partridge Creek produced a diverse species collection in its 'medium' total of 84, with 16 each of Culex annulirostris and Ochlerotatus vigilax. Lord Street had a trap failure.

29/Nov/2005: Mosquitoes are less active this week with the cooler weather and collections were only 'medium' from Lord Street, with a total of 85, dominated by 79 Coquillettidia linealis. Partridge Creek had a trap failure. Wauchope yielded a 'medium' collection of 54, with 21 Culex australicus.

22/Nov/2005: Coquillettidia linealis (623) dominated this week in a 'high' collection of 639 mosquitoes from Lord Street. Partridge Creek had  a 'medium' collection (67 mosquitoes), with 15 Ochlerotatus vigilax. Wauchope trapped 'low' numbers.

17/Nov/2005: Partridge Creek yielded 'low' mosquito numbers.

10/Nov/2005: Mosquito numbers were 'high' (113) from Lord Street, dominated by Coquillettidia linealis (88). Partridge Creek yielded 'low' numbers. The Wauchope site had a 'high' mosquito collection of 117, with 65 Ochlerotatus notoscriptus.

1/Nov/2005: Lord Street trapped 'high' (134) mosquito densities, with 118 Coquillettidia linealis. Partridge Creek had a 'low' collection. Wauchope produced a 'medium' collection of 58 mosquitoes, with Ochlerotatus notoscriptus (26) predominating.


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