NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program
Ryde 2001-2002
Mosquito/Virus Results

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Note that for mosquito numbers 0 - 50 mosquitoes = "Low", 51 - 100 = "Medium",
101 - 1,000 = "High", 1,001 - 10,000 = "Very High", >10,000 = "Extreme".

20/3/2002: The Golf Course trapped 'medium' numbers (91), with 60 Aedes notoscriptus. Maze Parl also had a 'medium' collection (79), with 61 Aedes notoscriptus. Lambert Park yielded 'medium' mosquito numbers (79), including 43 Aedes notoscriptus. Wharf Rd, Darvall Park and Miriam Park collected 'low' numbers.

12/3/2002: Numbers were down this week, with most sites trapping 'low' numbers. Only Wharf Road and Maze Park collected 'medium' numbers. Wharf Road trapped 72  mosquitoes, including 22 Aedes notoscriptus. Maze Park collected 71, with 58 Aedes notoscriptus.

5/3/20002: The majority of sites had 'medium' numbers this week. Wharf Road collected 83 mosquitoes, with 57 Aedes vigilax. The Golf Course trapped 61, with 40 Aedes notoscriptus. Lambert Park yielded 91 mosquitoes, with 47 Aedes notoscriptus. Maze Park had the only 'high' collection with 102 mosquitoes, including 93 Aedes notoscriptus. Miriam and Darvall trapped 'low' numbers.

26/2/2002: Collections were well up this week and the highest in number for the whole season. Wharf Road trapped 124 mosquitoes (a 'high' collection), with 79 Aedes vigilax. Lambert Park had a 'medium' yield of 64, with 34 Aedes notoscriptus. Maze Park also had a 'medium' collection (90), with 76 Aedes notoscriptus. All other sites yielded 'low' numbers.

19/2/2002: A 'medium' collection of 64 was trapped from Lambert Park, with 47 Aedes notoscriptus. All other sites yielded 'low' numbers.

12/2/20002: All sites had 'low' collections.

5/2/2002: All sites had 'low' collections with the wet weather.

31/1/2002: Lambert Park had a 'medium' collection (53), with 50 Aedes notoscriptus. Mosquito numbers were 'low' from all other sites.

22/1/2002: Collections were 'low' from all sites, except for Wharf Road which had a 'medium' collection of 63, dominated by Aedes vigilax.

15/1/2002: Collections were 'low' from all sites.

8/1/2002: Collections were 'low' from all sites.

3/1/2002: All sites trapped 'low' mosquito numbers, except for the Golf Course, which had 'medium' numbers (72), with 56 Aedes notoscriptus.

18/12/2001: All sites trapped 'low' mosquito numbers.

11/12/2001: All sites had 'low' numbers from the first mosquito collection of the season.

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