NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program
Port Stephens 2001-2002
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Note that for mosquito numbers 0 - 50 mosquitoes = "Low", 51 - 100 = "Medium",
101 - 1,000 = "High", 1,001 - 10,000 = "Very High", >10,000 = "Extreme".

23/4/2002: Mosquito populations are above average this week, with 'high' numbers from most sites, although Gan Gan had a 'medium' collection of 80, including 27 Aedes vigilax. Saltash trapped 377 mosquitoes, with 147 Aedes vigilax and 130 Culex annulirostris. Medowie collected 220, with 94 Culex annulirostris. Karuah yielded 487 mosquitoes, dominated by 337 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae trapped 'very high' numbers (3202), including 932 Culex annulirostris and 543 Aedes procax.

26/3/2002: Numbers were slightly down this week and from 'medium' to 'very high'. Gan Gan trapped 'medium' numbers (60), with 22 Coquillettidia linealis. Saltash had a 'high' collection (143), with 53 Aedes vigilax. Medowie also yielded 'high' numbers (138), with 68 Aedes vigilax. 'Medium' numbers (89) were trapped at Karuah, with 56 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae had 'very high' numbers (1418, with 351 Aedes vigilax and 515 Coquillettidia linealis.

19/3/2002: Gan Gan had 'medium' mosquito numbers (84), with 26 Coquillettidia linealis. Saltash yielded 'high' numbers (335), with 177 Aedes vigilax. Medowie had a 'high' collection (733), dominated by 543 Aedes vigilax. Karuah collected 'high' numbers (127), including 99 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae had the highest numbers of the season with a 'very high' collection of 4920 mosquitoes, including 1997 Aedes vigilax, 1483 Culex annulirostris and 766 Coquillettidia linealis.

12/3/2002: Collection were slightly down this week. Gan Gan trapped 'medium' numbers (97), with 38 Aedes vigilax. Saltash yielded 'medium' numbers (89), with 64 Aedes vigilax. A 'high' collection (116), was made from Medowie, with 72 Aedes vigilax. Karuah also had 'high' numbers (138), with 98 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae continues with the 'very high' collections, with 1023 mosquitoes, including 348 Culex annulirostris.

5/3/2002: All sites had 'high' or greater numbers and were well above average. Medowie had a trap failure. Gan Gan trapped 236 mosquitoes, with 94 Coquillettidia linealis. Saltash yielded 373, with 247 Aedes vigilax. Karuah collected 206, with 153 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae had a 'very high' collection of 1707 mosquitoes including 830 Culex annulirostris.

26/2/2002: The majority of sites had 'high' collections this week and mostly below average. Gan Gan trapped 260 mosquitoes, with 121 Aedes vigilax. Saltash trapped 899, with 731 Aedes vigilax. Medowie had a 'medium' collection of 60, with 34 Aedes vigilax. Karuah yielded 536 mosquitoes, with 427 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae had a 'very high' collection of 1282 mosquitoes including 923 Aedes vigilax and 736 Aedes procax.

20/2/2002: The highest collections for the season were trapped this week and were well above average and 'high' to 'very high' from all sites. Gan Gan trapped 489 mosquitoes, with 334 Aedes vigilax. Saltash collected 345, with 304 Aedes vigilax. Medowie yielded 188, with 157 Aedes vigilax. Karuah collected 582, with 542 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae had the largest collection with an extraordinary 4447 mosquitoes, including 1388 Aedes vigilax and 2170 Aedes procax.

12/2/2002: Collections were down upon average, with 'low' numbers from Saltash and Karuah. Gan Gan had a 'medium' (83) collection, with 59 Aedes vigilax. Medowie yielded 'high' numbers (126), with 116 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae had a 'high' collection of 185 mosquitoes, with 154 Aedes vigilax.

29/1/2002: Moquito collections were well up and overall above average. Numbers were 'high' at all sites except for Medowie, which had a 'low' collection. Gan Gan trapped 165 mosquitoes, with 64 Coquillettidia linealis. Saltash yielded 234, with 226 Aedes vigilax. Karuah collected 128, with 95 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae trapped 923, with 288 Aedes vigilax.

23/1/2002: Numbers were down this week, with 'medium' collections from Gan Gan, Medowie and Karuah, while Saltash had 'high' numbers. Gan Gan trapped 59 mosquitoes, with 39 Coquillettidia linealis. Medowie collected 69, with 46 Aedes vigilax. Karuah trapped 99, with 88 Aedes vigilax. Saltash yielded 644 mosquitoes, with 623 Aedes vigilax. Collections were 'very high' from Heatherbrae, with 1039 mosquitoes, including 817 Aedes vigilax.

15/1/2002: Numbers were up this week with 'high' to 'very high' numbers trapped mainly due to increases in Aedes vigilax densities. These numbers being mostly above average. Gan Gan trapped 355 mosquitoes, with 116 Aedes vigilax. Saltash yielded 1249 mosquitoes, with 1206 Aedes vigilax. Medowie collected 285, with 256 Aedes vigilax. Karuah trapped 130, with 121 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae trapped 'low' numbers due to a partial trap failure.

8/1/2002: Only Heatherbrae had a 'low' collection, with most sites having 'high' numbers (although overall, below the average). Gan Gan collected 180 mosquitoes, with 60 Aedes vigilax. Saltash collected 334, with 314 Aedes vigilax. Medowie yielded 50, with 34 Coquillettidia linealis. Karuah trapped 167, with 156 Aedes vigilax.

18/12/2001: Gan Gan, Medowie and Karuah all trapped 'low' numbers. Saltash had a 'medium' collection (97), with 63 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae yielded 352 mosquitoes ('high' numbers), with 102 Coquillettidia linealis.

11/12/2001: Collections were 'low' from Gan Gan, Medowie and Karuah, while the other sites yielded 'high' mosquito numbers. Karuah trapped 119 mosquitoes, with 89 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae yielded 302, with 236 Coquillettidia linealis. Overall numbers are slightly below average. 

27/11/2001: Mosquitoes are on the increase, although numbers were 'low' from Gan Gan and Medowie. All other sites had 'high' collections. Saltash trapped 158 mosquites, with 74 Coquillettidia linealis and 66 Aedes vigilax. Karuah collected 129, with 120 Aedes vigilax. Heatherbrae yielded 446 mosquitoes, with 321 Coquillettidia linealis. Overall numbers are approaching average. 

13/11/2001: Collections were 'low' from all sites and below average.

6/11/2001: Numbers were mostly 'medium' and close to average. Heatherbrae was the only site with a 'high' collection of 144 mosquites, with 63 Coquillettidia linealis.

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