NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program
Gosford 2001-2002
Mosquito/Virus Results

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Note that for mosquito numbers 0 - 50 mosquitoes = "Low", 51 - 100 = "Medium",
101 - 1,000 = "High", 1,001 - 10,000 = "Very High", >10,000 = "Extreme".

1/5/2002: Mosquito collections were 'low'.

24/4/2002: Mosquito numbers have stayed up and were 'high' (106), with 73 Aedes notoscriptus.

15/4/2002: Collections were up this week and 'medium' (96) in number, dominated by 73 Aedes notoscriptus.

10/4/2002: Mosquito collections continue to be 'low'.

3/4/2002: Mosquito collections were again 'low'.

27/3/2002: Mosquito collections were 'low'.

19/3/2002: Numbers were 'medium' this week (98), with 74 Aedes notoscriptus. An extra trap set at Umina yielded a 'low' collection.

12/3/2002: Mosquito numbers declined with a 'medium' collection of 58 this week. Aedes notoscriptus (264) dominated the trap. An extra trap set at Umina yielded a 'low' collection.

5/3/2002: Big numbers continue with another 'high' collection of 272 mosquitoes which again is well above average. The collection was dominated by Aedes notoscriptus (191)

26/2/2002: One of the biggest collections ever from Gosford was trapped this week, with a 'high' number of 773. This is over 11x greater than average. The collection was dominated by Aedes notoscriptus (264) and Aedes vigilax (229).

20/2/2002: Collections continue to rise and were over 8x greater than average. The 'high' trapped yielded 400 mosquitoes, with 161 Aedes notoscriptus and 125 Aedes vigilax.

12/2/2002: A big collection was trapped this week, with 'high' numbers (193). The collection was dominated by 116 Aedes notoscriptus and 68 Aedes vigilax.

12/2/2002: Numbers continue to be 'low'.

5/2/2002: Numbers were 'low' with the heavy rains.

30/1/2002: 'Medium' (53) numbers continue, with the collection dominated by Aedes vigilax.

22/1/2002: Collections are up this week, with 'medium' numbers (92). Aedes vigilax (72) was the dominant species.

15/1/2002: Numbers continue to be 'low'.

8/1/2002: A 'medium' collection of 73 mosquitoes were trapped, being slighty above average, with 30 Aedes vigilax.

19/12/2001: Numbers are again 'low'.

12/12/2001: Number continue to be 'low', although Aedes vigilax numbers are increasing.

4/12/2001: Numbers continue to be 'low'.

28/11/2001: Numbers were again 'low'.

20/11/2001: 'Low' mosquito numbers were trapped from the first collection week.

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