NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program
Parramatta 2000-2001
Mosquito/Virus Results

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Note that for mosquito numbers 0 - 50 mosquitoes = "Low", 51 - 100 = "Medium",
101 - 1,000 = "High", 1,001 - 10,000 = "Very High", >10,000 = "Extreme".

22/3/2001: Numbers continued to drop and were 'low' from all sites.

15/3/2001: There was a big drop in numbers concomitant with the cooler weather. All but George Kendall Reserve had 'low' numbers, which had a 'medium' collection of 63 mosquitoes, with 27 Culex sitiens.

8/3/2001: The highest number from any one trap for this season was recorded this week, with 421 mosquitoes ('high') collected from George Kendall Reserve. Of this collection, 150 were Culex sitiens, 77 Culex annulirostris and 62 Aedes vigilax. Carson Street, Pennant Pde and Eccles Park trapped 'low' numbers. Eric Primrose Reserve had 'medium' numbers (99), with 76 Aedes notoscriptus.

28/2/2001: Numbers are again up this week, mostly due to higher collections of Aedes vigilax and Culex sitiens. Goerge Kendall Reserve trapped 'high' numbers (213), with 125 Aedes vigilax. Carson Street, Pennant Pde and Spurway collected 'low' numbers. Eccles Park had a 'medium' collection of 67, with 52 Aedes notoscriptus. Eric Primrose Reserve had 'high' numbers (106), with 46 Culex sitiens.

22/2/2001: All sites had 'low' collections.

13/2/2001: Numbers are up considerably this week, although collections were 'low' from Carson St, Pennant Pde and Eccles Park. George Kendall Reserve trapped 'high' numbers (124), with 97 Aedes vigilax, while Eric Primrose Reserve collected 71  mosquitoes ('medium'), with 40 Aedes vigilax.

9/2/2001: Numbers continue to be 'low' from all sites.

31/1/2001: Overall numbers were down with the rainy night and 'low' from all sites.

24/1/2001: George Kendall trapped 'high' numbers (221), with 189 Aedes vigilax. Numbers were 'low' from all other sites.

18/1/2001: All sites had 'low' collections.

10/1/2001: All sites had 'low' collections, except for Eric Primrose Reserve, which trapped 52 mosquitoes ('medium' numbers) and 33 were Aedes vigilax.

3/1/2001: 'Low' numbers were trapped from all sites except George Kendall Reserve, which had a 'high' collection (140) with 71 Aedes vigilax.

20/12/2000: All sites had 'low' numbers except for Pennant Pde, which had a 'medium' (89) collection, with 78 Aedes notoscriptus.

13/12/2000: Numbers were 'low' from Eric Primrose Reserve, Carson St and Eccles Park, while the remaining sites trapped 'high' numbers. George Kendall Reserve collected 119 mosquitoes, with 61 Aedes vigilax. Pennant Pde trapped 122 mosquitoes, with 61 Culex australicus and 60 Aedes notoscriptus.

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